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Six Feet Under is a World of Warcraft guild on the US Dalaran. Six Feet Under is among the oldest and most stable of guilds, having been founded on December 24, 2004, roughly one month after the launch of World of Warcraft and retained much of the same membership ever since.  We were first founded as a group of mainly PvP players with a major disdain for the Alliance and we slowly focused more on the PvE side.  We have been able to clear most content before the significant nerfs come out, assuming jobs, families, and mexican jails don't get in the way, of course.

The guild is compromised of active mature players who aren't afraid of the occasional mom jokes.  We welcome new members, if you are interested, please submit an application by clicking on "Apply to Guild" to the left <--

Six Feet Under on Emerald Dream is an RP-friendly PVP oriented guild with regular RBG nights and 10man PVE raid team

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